Archer Stands / The Real Equalizer Upgrade

Archer Stands / The Real Equalizer Upgrade

Buckhorn’s “Double Ought” Archer, and Elite climbing tree stands, are the strongest, safest and most comfortable climbers on the market. Earlier models were touted as the finest, most reliable, and sturdy tree stands ever made. Now, Buckhorn Outdoors has revived the design with new product enhancements. Even stronger than before we have tested the product in excess of 750 pounds without even a blemish.

If you’re a big man choose the 00-XL with it’s generous 24″ x 30″ platform. If you’re standard size guy who likes to pack in a ways, get the standard size 00 at a roomy 20″ x 30″ platform. Both are rated at 350 lbs capacity and both allow you to sit either facing the tree, or with your back to the tree. They’re also both available in the Archer model (without the backrest assembly) for you minimalists and hardcore archers; but the Elite model, with the backrest assembly is our most popular.

That backrest, along with the comfy seat cushion, allows me to stay all day. I even take my Kindle Fire along for a good read while I’m up in the tree. The climber lets me get way above the standard height of ladder stands, and I am more mobile than a lock on (and also waaay more comfortable too).

We provide fast shipping and unmatched customer service. Rocky is always reachable and offers solutions to even the most difficult problem.

We promise that once you try one of our stands there will be no going back to your old and busted self climber. We stand by our quality and assure maximum performance and reliability. Don’t be deceived by competitors. We promise that every stand sold is individually inspected before shipment. Worry less about your safety so you can focus on the kill.

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