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In 2013, I (Rocky) had grown tired of being without replacement parts for the old BuckShot and Equalizer stands. Like some others, he had also grown weary of the hope that the stands would be back in production, so he did what many would have liked to do; he started his own business reproducing these great stands.


Gone were the days of rugged, climbing tree stands that used rigid, metal tree-bars or the innovative idea of a self leveling climbing tree stand. Worse yet, parts for these stands were no longer available. And so, this was why Buckhorn began.

The Buckhorn Double 00 “Ought” Climbing Tree Stand uses a rigid tree bar to secure the stand to the tree, providing unmatched strength and stability and rated for 350 lbs. The Buckhorn Higher Level is a self-leveling climbing tree stand that has revolutionized the concept and is forging its own destiny.

From the ashes of extinction, a new generation of climbing tree stands has risen.

One  Stand.
Two Positions

Climbing Tree Stands-Buckhorn Outdoor Products-Double 00 Eite-Archer

Whether you choose the Buckhorn Higher Level climbing tree stand with self-leveling capability (on the tree-during ascent/descent) or our strong & sturdy Double 00 “Ought”, you get the added benefit of being able to position yourself facing the tree or facing away from the tree. This flexibility in design allows you to position yourself to get the BEST shot possible. In addition, the innovative design allows you to adjust the seating positions for those all day sits in the stand.


Self-Leveling Climbing Tree stand

Climbing Tree stand Buckhorn Outdoors Higher Level

Higher Level ® Elite

First of all, the Buckhorn Higher Level ® Climbing Tree Stand is a strong, cable-climber. In addition, it features Buckhorn’s fully-patented, Self-Leveling, gear technology. Consequently, the hunter can prevent being in an unlevel, uncomfortable, or unsafe position. Stop worrying about safety and focus on the kill.

Strong & Rugged Climber

Climbing Tree Stands Buckhorn Outdoors Double 00

Double 00 ® Elite

The Buckhorn Double 00 “Ought” Climbing Tree Stand uses a rigid tree bar to secure the stand, and as a result the hunter benefits from unmatched platform strength and stability.






Climbing Tree Stands

Buckhorn is not affiliated with the previous companies of Equalizer, Inc. or Buckshot, Inc. or Austin Treestands. We started the company on nothing other than the merit of reproducing what we thought were the greatest, safest, and most comfortable tree stands ever made. And we made them better…

Click here to view a stand safety video at standsafety.com