Cable, Equalizer Q24 Magnum Replacement (Higher Level)

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Cable, Equalizer Q24 Magnum Replacement (Higher Level)







The New, Improved Higher Level Cable to fit your Equalizer. Don’t risk your hunt to corroded terminals. We recommend replacing your cables every four years; but if you leave your stand outside and exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, you may need to replace the cables more frequently. Inspect you cables! Corrosion can creep inside the terminals and compromise the integrity of the crimp terminus. You are responsible for maintaining your stand and inspecting it before each use. Sunlight can also break down the protective lining on the outside of your cable. You have the greatest climbing tree stand ever made, keep it in top working order.
PRODUCT NOTE: We have discovered that when taking up adjustment of the Equalizer Cable on the tree, it becomes critical to reset the cable against the back of the tree. Taking up cable length from the other side of the stand without doing so, creates uneven distribution of the forces in the stand and can apply a torqueing effect on some areas of the frame. Please refer to User Instruction Manual.


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