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Double 00 “Magnum Elite”

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You guessed it, just like the Double OO “Elite”, but 24″ wide for those full size figures.

Sit facing the tree or back-to-the-tree
24″ x 30″ platform
Rigid Tree Bar (no cables)
Knob Screws, with Fast Thread
Adjustable Seat Back Assembly
Back Packing Harness doubles as Platform Tethers
Ratchet Straps (2) included
Elastic foot straps included
Rated to 350 lb. capacity
Handles trees up to 22″ diameter
Weighs 27.0 lbs.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.  If not fully satisfied 10 days from delivery, return it for full refund.
Lifetime warranty on frame and all welds. 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on material workmanship (not including scratches to finish)


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  1. Jim R. August 23, 2017

    I have been using these stands ever since they started production. This stand is better than all other climbing stands. I highly recommend it because I have yet to have one malfunction.
    It is a big roomy stand with the most comfortable seat found anywhere. It’s perfect for those November rut bow hunts and 1st day rifle season where you basically climb up in the dark and come down in the dark (unless you get lucky in between).

    The tradeoff: Big and roomy means 3 lbs. heavier and bulkier to carry. I’m now 50’ish, average height/wt. and in good shape so the weight is not a real issue. Like others stated though, I can tell you that once you get set up, this thing is as comfy as your favorite Barcalounger you have in front of the TV.

    Great climbing tree stand, quick and quiet to set up, and not hard to use once you find a climbing technique that works for you. I’m 56 and not in bad health but hardly athletic. in this one more than makes up for the extra weight, which really isn’t that much. Excellent customer service.

  2. Travis W. August 23, 2017

    I would give this stand 6 stars if I could. I’m a bigger guy so having a stand with enough room to move around and be comfortable has been an issue in the past. This stand is very comfortable and is rock solid in the tree. If your preference is to hunt facing the tree or facing away this stand will exceed your expectations. I like to face away from the tree and use the back rest for a rifle rest. I like the way this stand holds to the tree along with how comfortable it is makes for a great product. Throw in the fact that Buckhorn Outdoors is a great company to do business with you will not be disappointed.

  3. Kelvin November 9, 2017

    I purchased the double 00 xl and love it I’m a big guy (actually in excess of the 350 lb rating) and it gives me plenty of room I feel totally safe when I’m in the tree. Hoping to purchase a second one in the near future.

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