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Foot Wheel Crank – Higher Level

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2 Wheels for $50


Foot Wheel Crank

Higher Level Climbing Tree Stand

This NEW Foot Wheel Crank by Buckhorn Outdoors is made exclusively for the Higher Level series of Climbing Tree Stands.

The Foot Crank is designed to be used on the lower (foot) platform to make it easier for hunters to adjust the lower platform. No longer will you have to bend over to reach the crank handle! But more importantly you won’t need to move the crank handle from the inside mounting position (used in packing) to the outside mounting position (used in climbing). The foot crank is used on the inside mounting position! You never need to move it!

Foot Wheel Crank for the upper platform

Some people will prefer the Foot Wheel Crank for use on the Upper (seat) Platform as well. Simply roll the wheel with your hand to achieve the desired result. It also never needs to be moved. It provides a nice, clean look as well as low-profile, compact function.


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  1. joseph b. wozniak August 23, 2017

    outstanding product. ease of operation. moves gearbox very quickly with ease. lightweight and out of the way. no more bending to adjust the platform.

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