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Gun Holder – Bar Mount

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Designed to fit the larger bars on the Backrest Assembly. Simply build up the smaller J-Bar to mount as shown in picture. So solid you can climb with your rifle (unloaded of course!)
I use mine to hang all kinds of stuff while I’m up there.


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  1. joseph b. wozniak August 23, 2017

    installed the gun holder on my tree stand with ease. rock solid as can be. the coating on the loops protects the finish on my rifle. the ideal gun holder that works. great product for the money.

  2. kingkat43 August 28, 2017

    A must for the Muzzleloader or Rifle stand hunter. Heavy duty construction. Synthetic material covers the actual holders. Quiet and kind to your guns. Easily mounted and/or adjusted. A steal for the $$$!

    • Terry simpson August 15, 2018

      Rockey is the best. Love The Cadillac can you make them fit a bigger tree

      • Rocky Keim October 14, 2018

        Thanks Terry, we could but there isn’t much of a market for a bigger Cadillac, we could not produce it economically. Thank you for your business!

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