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Hammock Seat

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The Hammock Seat by Buckhorn Outdoor Products fits any Climbing Tree StandĀ up to 24 inches in width. Lightweight and easy to manage during pack-up. It is designed with three backpack-style clips for easy installation and removal. or just pack your stand up with the Hammock Seat still in place.

This is a popular accessory for Double 00 and Higher Level Archer owners who pack in quite a way because it reduces the overall weight by 2 lbs 8 oz without sacrificing comfort.


Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 in

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  1. Chris Westen August 26, 2017

    This sling style seat weighs about 9oz and when I swapped the standard seat for this one it shaved almost 3lbs off my Higher Level. It easily transitions between both seating positions in less than 20 seconds using three snaps clips but on my archer stands I just leave it against the tree and climb while sitting on the bar. I can draw the straps tight to sit above the frame or loosen them out to be suspended below it. On my Double 00 Elite I adjust it tight around the frame and sit at frame level with the backrest when facing the tree. It reverses easily if I want to change positions and I then can use the backrest as a rifle rest.

    I have also used the Hazmore Seat that Buckhorn sells and it is a good seat, but this Hammock seat is more comfortable in my opinion and it is removable if I ever want to take it with me on another stand. The three backpack buckles are adjustable and if you put your fingers in the right place they are silent when putting them together. I thought it was reasonable priced but it is really a bargain when you realize how versatile it is and how easy and quick it installs.

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