Higher Level 24 Magnum "Elite"

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Higher Level 24 Magnum “Elite”


Buckhorn is committed to bringing this classic leveling stand back to market. NEW, IMPROVED, patented, Geared-Leveling Technology, and an improved Cable Termination system for error-free engagement. Buckhorn’s stands are noted for rock-solid performance and the Higher Level is no exception.
No more do you have to incline the treestand at extreme angles to begin your ascent. Through the use of this IMPROVED, patented Geared Leveling Technology the Higher Level will accommodate 10 inches of change in tree diameter. The Elite Model comes complete with the ultra-comfortable Bench Seat and Adjustable Backrest Assembly.
The Higher Level is in stock now! So get yours today and be hunting in it come Archery Season.

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The higher level mag Elite

You guessed it, just like the Higher Level 21.5 Elite but 24″ wide for those full size figures, and because its a Higher Level it performs levels above any other cable-style climbing Tree Stand. You don’t have to begin your ascent at a steep incline anymore! The Higher Level Elite is just like the “Archer” only with the backrest assembly included. It adds four pounds to the stand but provides the best afternoon nap you ever had. Being comfortable in the stand is so important to sitting still, especially on those long all-day hunts. The Backrest also serves as a handy shooting rail for crossbow shooters and rifle hunters when facing away from the tree. Change positions during your hunt from facing the tree to facing away from the tree.

Other Climbing Tree Stands require the hunter to judge how high he plans to hunt and then determine just how much smaller that tree is at that height so he can mount his climbing tree stand on the base of the tree with sufficient angle to end up level when he reaches hunting altitude. Impossible? No, of course not, we’ve all done it but when hunters need to be mobile, going to new trees can present some difficult judgment calls. How high do you want to climb? Will there be a branch in my shooting lane? Will I need 5 more feet when I get up there? With the Higher Level Climbing Tree Stand it’s no problem at all. Just level yourself as you climb.

self-leveling climbing tree stand

We’ve all been there before… you’ve just climbed twenty feet and your foot platform is already sloping downward at five degrees. “No worries” we say! It’s only an evening hunt and you can be ‘out-of-level’ for a few hours. Then it begins to rain. Each time you stand up the foot platform gets a little more slippery. Now you’re wishing you hadn’t gone that four more feet after passing level.

Never hunt from a climbing tree stand that is not level! All climbing tree stands rely on the physical properties of the device design to stay put on the tree, and that means being LEVEL. All climbing tree stands are designed to be used at LEVEL, thus creating the safest elevated platform from which to hunt.

Higher Level Climbing Tree Stands make it possible for the hunter to be level at all times. While climbing, while hunting, and while descending the tree! Simply shift all your weight off the platform you wish to level before cranking the gear-box crank handle. If you need to hunt higher, just crank slightly above level, and continue your ascent. The self-leveling adjustment allows mobility like no other mobile tree stand. You can hunt higher than other stands because you have much more ability to accommodate the reduction in diameter of the tree as you go up.

Safe, reliable, and stable platforms

Our Climbing Tree Stand comes with the ultimate in Stand Safety and Stability. The Stand Stabilizing Straps keep you in contact with the lower platform while climbing so if you lose control and drop that platform with your feet; the stand stabilizer straps retain the platform like a lanyard for you to  regain control! When you reach hunting altitude, simply bind the two straps down tight and they feel as if they were bolted into the tree.

Climber Width 24″ Length 30″
Weighs 27 Lbs 8 Oz.
Tree sizes 10″ – 23″ Diameter
5 yr. Guarantee on the Frame and all welds
Specialty Geared-Leveling Channel Arms
Powder Coated, Durable finish (Deep Forest Green)
Padded Backpack Straps
Stand Stabilizer Straps
Elastic Foot Strap Climbing Aides
Ultra-Comfy, Padded Cushion, Bench Seat
Rated to 350 Lbs.

What’s NOT in the box!
1. Your Industry Standard Fall Restraint Harness meeting TMA Standards http://www.tmastands.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/English-TSG.pdf
2. Your permission to hunt other people’s land.
3. Your 8 Pt. Buck!

Assembly Instructions.

Higher Level Climbing Tree Stand

The Higher Level Mag Elite

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