Ratchet Strap

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Ratchet Strap


SINGLE $12.00

PER PAIR $20.00



Replacement ratcheting tie downs for your Buckhorn stands. Used for locking that tree bar down on the tree once you reach ‘altitude.’ No chance for movement after these tie downs are on. They can also be used to strap a fanny pack to the stand going in or any number of other things.

Hold the lever down while pulling the rope. Then cinch down the last couple clicks, I like to hear that lever engage. If that’s all the noise you make going up that tree, trust me you’re better than I am.

PRODUCT TIP: Before mounting your stand to the tree, use the straps to position the tree bar in place. This will free both hands to put the stand frame onto the tree bar and locate the screw holes. Video coming to YouTube demonstrating this.



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