Cadillac II **Pre-Order Now for Shipping in July 2019**

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Cadillac II **Pre-Order Now for Shipping in July 2019**

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Ultra-Lite Cadillac II

**Pre-Order Now for Shipping in July 2019**

Buckhorn Outdoors Ultra-Lite Cadillac II is like the Austin Outdoors Cadillac but we have improved teeth for gripping the tree. Oh, and we actually have them in stock!

We supply it with four knobscrews for those who like them, and four easy remove hitch-pins; you choose which you like best. 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum square tubing for a backrest that you can man-handle while climbing. It also makes for a great afternoon nap.

The Ultra-Lite Cadillac, as its name suggests is lightweight weighing in at a mere 17.5 lbs. But don’t let that fool you, it will handle those plus-size figures without batting an eye. We’ve tested it to over 800 lbs without even a blemish.

Our Southern hunters love this stand. It was only out of numerous requests that we decided to add it to our line. In Florida, it is very popular with guys who want to hunt high (and I mean very high) with rifles and shooting down into Palmetto groves.

They wanted to be secure and preferred the rigid arm rest/best rest assembly that makes it virtually impossible to fall out of. We still urge everybody to wear an industry approved fall-restraint harness, even though the stand is so safe and secure.

*Picture may include optional accessories

Sit and climb/hunt facing the tree
20″x30″ seat platform
18″x18″ Foot Climbing Aid
Weighs 17.5 lbs.
Rated for 350 lbs. capacity
Handles trees up to 8″ – 18″ diameter
Rigid Tree Bar (no cables)
Knob Screws, with Fast Threads
Back Packing Harness
Ratchet Straps (2 ea.)
Tree Stand Stabilizer Straps (1 pair)

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  1. James S. August 23, 2017

    The Cadillac climbing treestand is only treestand I use. I now own four of them, because to me they are the safest treestand on the market today, and it is the preferred climber to use in Florida. Most people here in Florida use them for gun hunting, but I shoot my compound bow from mine every year. I like facing the tree when I hunt and I hunt high in rifle season. The stand grips the tree like no other climbing tree stand. It is extremely stable and lightweight.

  2. Ron Quenga October 2, 2018

    Am shopping for a ultra-lite Cadillac 11 am aware that your out of stock please contact me when available .

    • Rocky Keim August 5, 2019


      You inquired some time ago about our ultra lite Cadillac II’s. I have transferred your inquiry to standard email and the notifications from the website have not been working reliably. I also wanted to cc: two staff members so they could observe the communication. Please reply to that email.

      We diced to discontinue the particular model we made before as the interest is not their to support mass production; however, we have several foot platforms used with the Cadillac II, which are essentially what make the stand so lightweight. But we are not making the rigid backrest bar any longer. Instead, we are using the Double 00 Upper platform with the lightweight (adjustable) backrest assembly. This is an even lighter-weight version of the Cadillac II, but the backrest bar is not as durable as the original Cadillac backrest bar that was NOT adjustable.

      If this is of interest to you, please advise and we will send you pictures and specs on the new ultra-lite Cadillac III

  3. Doug Campbell October 25, 2018

    Soon as more are available I’d like to purchase one..

    • Rocky Keim August 5, 2019


      Are you in the market for another treestand? Or is there anything else we can help with? I see we didn’t get a response to your website inquiry from last year


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