Best stand I ever owned. Quiet to pack in and set up, and super comfortable. I had an Equalizer and the cable connection would sometimes not engage properly, very frightening. Had to check the thumbscrew all the time to be sure it was locked in. Can’t happen in this Higher Level, no false engagement. Great improvement over the old Equalizer.

Jordan H. (Georgia) October 14, 2015

I can not say enough about Rocky’s professionalism. I ordered a new Higher Leveler stand (which I love) and had a 2007 equalizer which needed updating. I had a million questions as to what new parts I needed. Rocky answered and guided me through the whole process without a hitch. He was so helpful, I ordered a bunch of accessories to make a great stand even better! Thanks again Rocky.

Scott Loos (Putnam Co. New York) Oct. 12, 2015

I truly loved it and I sold my old Equalizer ten days later, thanks.

Justice C. (Tennessee) Oct. 12 2015

Excellent help in getting replacement parts for a much loved older stand!

Wayne W. (South Carolina) Oct 12, 2015

*Note – We would love everybody to buy the new stands, but everyone should realize we went into business because, like you, we too loved these “old stands” We couldn’t get parts for our Equalizers either. Just like you, we got the emails from the old company to ‘hang in there’ while they got the company rolling again. We purchased a stand, just like many of you, and waited for the manufacturing to begin. Sadly, we got our money back too, just like you. So we went into business and brought the old stands back; and made some improvements along the way.         ~ Rocky Keim, Buckhorn Outdoors

Customer service provided by Rocky was as good as it gets. Shipping was completed in a very timely manner. The new bowhunter version of The Equalizer (called Higher Level) is on the money. And is a “higher Level stand to be sure. It’s great to see them back on the market.

Bob R. (Annapolis, MD) Oct 11, 2015

Received my order as promised, stand looks to be made of high quality materials have not had the opportunity to use the stand. I know Rocky rushed to have stands shipped, only negative was the assembly instructions should be improved. Excellent customer service, Rocky returns calls and follows up on emails.

Micheal M. Michigan) Oct 11, 2015

Buckhorn is now my top-notch source of hunting stands, as well as parts for the Buckshot stands I had bought in the 90’s. Buckhorn sent me everything I needed to convert two stands from adjustable armrests to fixed-back/armrests. Buckhorn also allowed me to buy the fixed-back seat half of its Cadillac II along with the foot platform half of its Double 00 Elite, which combined to function as a third, brand new, fixed-back stand. I got the new stand and all the conversion parts, and BuckShot-BigShot replacement parts I needed in only a few days. All three fixed-back stands function perfectly. Thanks BUCKHORN!

Robert A. (Virginia), Oct 28, 2015

Very good experience, Rocky was great…the only person I dealt with…however when I ordered my stand it was missing the back rest bar and some other parts. Got them prettty quickly. Love the stand.


Ken G. (Illinois) Oct 12, 2015

*Note – we understand problems will occur with shipping or packaging. We try hard to avoid them, and when they happen, we’re on it like white on rice. ~ Rocky Keim, Buckhorn Outdoors

Grateful that Buckshot parts were made available. Received exactly what I ordered in days of my order.

Alan M. (Georgia)

Great products, and experience.

Robert F. (Maryland)

Excellent customer service. They called months later to follow up and make sure everything was okay. Parts were exactly what was ordered. Quite happy with Buckhorn Outdoors!

Scott E. (Georgia) )ct 10, 2015

My old Equalizer had stripped out gears because I loaned it to a friend who didn’t take the weight off the platform when he cranked it (thanks buddy!). Buckhorn’s new cables were designed to fit the old Equalizers and I was so happy. Rocky developed the Conversion Kit next and helped me replace the Equalizer gear system with the New Higher Level design, much better! Now I can reach the lower platform crank handle much easier, plus on bigger trees, my old Equalizer handle used to hit the tree. Cancel that problem!

Mike W. (North Carolina) Nov 10, 2015


I have recently purchased 3 Higher Level climbing stands from Buck Horn Outdoors. The Buck Horn improvements on the old Equalizer are really great and I am already using them. The Buck Horn staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They have parts for my old Equalizer and provide quick delivery. Thanks a lot Rocky!

Bill S. (Georgia) Oct 12, 2015

I had the smaller stand and wanted a larger model. I love the changes that were made to the new stand and it is awesome!!. I would highly recommend this stand. I have recommended to some of my friends and several of them have already ordered stands. I am so glad that the Higher Level stands are back and better than ever!!

Sue H. (Virginia) Oct 12, 2015


I purchased the Higher Level 24 Magnum and it is a very nice climbing stand. The stand is safe and enjoyable to use. You can relax in the stand and hunt for hours. The only improvement I would suggest is the leveling system crank for the seat section has to be changed from the inside to the outside during use and for stacking when backpacking. Overall a very good stand.

Sam D. (Alabama)

*Note – We now have the new Foot Wheel Crank for the lower platform which makes it easier to reach without bending over, but it also never needs to be moved from its packing position.     ~ Buckhorn Outdoors


Kevin M. (Tennessee)

Best stand ever! Great customer service. Cant wait for the new add-ons to come out on the website!!

Eric S. (Delaware) Oct 13, 2015

ive been through summit treestands and even a treewalker, and this one is by far the best! I love it! The only thing that could be better is the grip. It tends to slide on very hard, smooth trees. If it had spikes like the tree walker it would be flawless!! I highly recommend everyone who hunts to get a higher level! Once you do, you’ll never go back to your old stand again.

Preston P. (Massachusetts) Oct. 12, 2015

*Note – We have added beveled-edge teeth to our double row jaws of teeth to grip trees better. ~Buckhorn Outdoors


Love the new tree stands by Buckhorn. They are a good quality product. Sales and service is outstanding. They deliver and take care of any issues you may have expeditiously.

Elvie J. (Virginia) Oct 13, 2015

Item very high quality. Welds were strong and clean and not a blemish on the powder coating. My stand was in stock and in my hands very fast. Actually got to talk to the owner of the company when I decided to add some accessories for it. I got the rifle holder, bow holder, locks and the seat back muffler (very cool item). The stand was identical to my old Buckshot Bigshot and the new tree bars fit my old buckshot perfectly as did the new backrest assembly.

Glenn B. (North Carolina) Sept. 29 2015

I wanted to tell you today was the first day of the MD archery season.
I used my new Double 00 stand for the first time.
It is sturdy, solid, attaches to the tree quickly, and packs in and out very nicely.
I do not even know I have it on my back.
I can get up and down the tree with less noise than any stand I have tried.
I am a really big guy and do not feel safe in just any stand so I chose the Double 00XL.
With the Double 00XL, I am comfortable, confident, and feel completely safe.

Because I am predominantly a bowhunter, I chose the 00XL Bowshot instead of the Elite
I look forward to many years of use with this stand. There is not a better stand on the market.

And at 7:15 AM, the Double 00 helped me kill my first deer of the year- a fat doe for the freezer.

– Barry Miller (Pennsylvania), Sept 6, 2014